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What is Ocean Cargo Coverage?

Ocean Cargo coverage is a form of Ocean Marine coverage that will help cover damages of shipments in transit by ocean and air. It provides funds to help insureds recover against missing, sunk, or damaged cargo. Ocean marine insurance can also include coverage for marine liabilities, hull and protection and indemnity.

Ocean Cargo coverage is essential for online retailers, multinational companies, and manufacturers who sell their goods to clients in the United States and other countries. With hundreds of cargo ships traveling daily, the risk of your cargo getting lost or damaged is very high.

What is the Difference between Inland and Ocean Marine Cargo?

While many believe that Inland Marine covers goods transported across land and Ocean Marine covers anything transported over sea, the difference between these can be more complicated. Ocean Marine primarily includes coverage for the vessel or hull of a ship, the cargo, and legal liability for any negligence by the shipper or the carrier. Inland Marine, however, includes far more areas of cover. These include, but are not limited to, builders’ risk, fine arts, jewelers block, all goods that move on land, motor truck cargo, and contractors’ equipment. Inland Marine risks cover property that is not fixed in one place; for example, a crane being transported would fall under inland marine cargo.

Losses in Ocean Marine are being driven by the emergence of large cargo vessels. Unforeseen incidents can significantly impact the health of a supply chain, from storms and fires to accidents and thefts. It is vital to protect cargo.

Does AM RE provide cover for cargo?

Where does AM RE fit into all this? Here at AM RE, we offer reinsurance cover within Ocean Marine, including cargo coverage. Our portfolios comprise of many insureds with low limits, which are geographically controlled with non-Nat Cat exposure. We evaluate each ocean marine portfolio by examining historical experience in each class using our in-house analytics, innovative loss control solutions, and a deep understanding of current market rates.

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