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U.S. Marine Programs

  • We evaluate Marine business through a thorough examination of the historical experience in each class using in-house analytics, innovative loss control solutions, and a deep understanding of current market rates.

  • We offer coverage within both;

    • Inland Marine - Motor Truck Cargo, Contractors Equipment, Builders Risk, Equipment Dealers, Cargo Throughput

    • Ocean Marine - Hull, Cargo, Protection & Indemnity

  • Our reinsurance underwriting team is comprised of former primary underwriters, which means that they can properly evaluate individual risks and transfer this knowledge to our reinsurance portfolio.

  • Our portfolios are comprised of many insureds with low limits and are geographically controlled with non-Nat Cat exposure. 


Builders Risk

Builders Risk is a form of Inland Marine coverage that protects buildings under construction. This type of cover can protect building materials from certain kinds of property damage such as fire, theft, vandalism, and expenses caused by project delay. Click here to find out more about Builders Risk and how it can help.


Our underwriters have a combined 50+ years of experience within Inland and Ocean Marine. It was the first class of business written at AM RE, and we have developed significant, long-term relationships with many Marine MGAs and insurers.  

Simon Barder, CUO


Solutions to today’s market challenges such as adaptive proprietary software and efficient, cradle to grave claims handling. 


Excellent risk spread in both geography and class. creating increased predictability.


Advanced underwriting and in-house claims management leading to efficient management of loss ratios and ultimate combined ratios.


With proven marine MGA’s who are flexible and possess strong integrity.


Click to download a PDF of our Program Information Sheet

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