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What is Inland Marine?

Inland Marine

Inland Marine covers products, materials, and equipment that are transported over land via truck or train. After being transported over the sea and reaching land, cargo still needs to be protected, with inland marine policies being created as a branch of marine coverage to bridge this gap. For example, cargo theft is a common cause of inland marine loss and can be covered by an inland marine policy.

Inland marine contractors equipment

Inland Marine can be a confusing term to many as, despite its title, it does not cover products transported by water. It can cover you alongside traditional marine cover where necessary. If you are a subcontractor, handyman, or contracting business, inland marine cover will be essential for you.

Inland Marine cover is aimed at any shippable products, for example:

  • Tools and equipment for construction

  • Contractors’ equipment

  • Computer equipment, such as servers or hard drives

  • Transportation equipment, such as cargo vans

A Business Owners or Commercial Package Policy may be insufficient if your business regularly transports products or equipment. Inland Marine insurance is essential to business operations for most construction professionals, providing necessary coverage for mobile job sites.

What is Builders Risk?

Builders Risk is a type of Inland Marine coverage that helps keep products protected while construction is being done. Builders Risk tends to be written on a short-term or project basis, covering the construction period, commonly ranging between 3-12 months. This type of cover can protect building materials from loss in damage which can include fire, theft, or vandalism.

There are three types of projects that are eligible for builder’s risk:

  1. Ground-up new construction

  2. Remodeling/Renovation, and

  3. Installation

Does AM RE offer Builders Risk?

AM RE reinsures a range of coverage within Inland Marine programs, including Builders Risk. Marine was the first class of business written at AM RE, and we have developed significant relationships with many Marine MGAs and insurers. We evaluate Marine business using our in-house analytics, innovative loss control solutions, and a deep understanding of current market rates.​ Our portfolios feature low limits and are geographically controlled with non-Nat Cat exposure.

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